You guys keep telling us you love our Rapid-fire 10 in 10 episodes so here is a Part3 for you!
Please keep in mind that in this format it is impossible to give a complete treatment to every topic. if something doesn’t sound right, ask us about it, if there is interest we would be happy to do a complete episode to go deeper.
Here are the questions we cover…

  1. Does the Bible actually talk about Tattoos and piercings?
  2. What is the most surprising thing in the Bible?
  3. Does the Bible say anything about Dinosaurs?
  4. What’s your top recommendation for resisting temptation?
  5. Who was your favourite of the Protestant reformers?
  6. Is social media a blessing or a curse?
  7. What is your strongest spiritual gift?
  8. Does the Bible support the use alcohol or grape juice for celebrating the Lord’s Supper?
  9. What does the Bible say about spiritualism?
  10. What Bible character do you resonate with the most? Why?

Join us for the conversation, and please comment below!
Download This Episode – 10 Questions in 10 minutes Pt3 – Mashup Edition

10 Questions in 10 Minutes Pt3

by Dave Luke, Matt, Ben & Nathanael | Rapid-fire Round