Its 2023 & we are coming back!

Over the last year we have been working on some exciting new content (about 30 episodes) that we believe is going to make a powerful difference in people’s lives, and we need your help to get it out there.

The Problem

We have tried to do it all ourselves but we are pressing against the hard limits of time, health and finances, so if we are to continue as digital missionaries, it is time for us to build a sustainable financial base to get our release cycle permanently unblocked and allow the work to continue unhindered.
If you value what we are doing we invite you to support us with $1/week.

Join the 100 Club!

If we can reach 100 supporters giving $1/week we will finally be able to cover our running costs and achieve sustainability for years to come.

This means more regular content and I believe we will be able to triple our audience within a year.

What real-world impact do we have?

Over the years we have received messages from people all over the globe sharing the ways God has used our ministry, here are just a few based on actual messages we have received:

Encouraged a suicidal young person into a better frame of mind.

Kept isolated believers company as they labor in remote places.

Broken down ugly and inaccurate understandings of Gods character for people in numerous countries.

Nurtured a young person on their path to baptism

Taught a young woman to study the bible for herself for the first time in her life.

Inspired a number of people to break their silence about their addiction to porn and do something about it.

Ministered to a young married couple who were burned out in ministry who decided to re-evaluate their experience based on our content.

Inspired the formation of numerous bible study groups

Helped an unsupported youth leader who felt like an impostor recognise he was not alone.

Provided an online space for people to connect with each others founded on the principles of Godly community.

Modelled healthy friendships that a number of people have intentionally set out to apply in their own lives.

Where does your money go?

Your donations make our work possible by paying for our operating expenses including podcast hosting, periodic equipment repair, upgrades and most importantly, Post-production services.

How to give

Bank Transfer

If you live in Australia and you would like to avoid payment processing fees, you can set up a recurring direct deposit  for $1/week using the following details.

Name: Aus Table Talk
BSB: 034-122
Account: 759475


If you would like to give via Paypal/Credit card on the Patreon Platform (Note this platform is based on USD) you can do so by following the link below.


Progress to our monthly goal