A return to our Rapid-fire 10 in 10 episodes so here is 16 in 60 for you!

Please keep in mind that in this format it is impossible to give a complete treatment to every topic. if something doesn’t sound right, ask us about it, if there is interest we would be happy to do a complete episode to go deeper.

Here are the questions we cover…

  1. How has becoming a father changed your walk with Christ and also the way you view God.
  2. What makes each of your hearts tick
  3. What hobbies do you have?
  4. What was your grandfather’s occupation and grandmothers?
  5. How come most of you have beards?
  6. Is it wrong/sinful for a husband and wife to participate in a bridal dance at a wedding?
  7. Does God really kill? Or is it that he is bound to the fulfillment of his law, Namely (Transgression of the law is sin and results in death.)
  8. Are we born sinners?, and if yes, what about Jesus when he was born into humanity/this earth?
  9. Do you think it is harder for the female gender to be a Christian considering they have a vast amount of emotions they have to deal with as compared to the male gender?
  10. How do we explain to people, that there are different Adventist churches + that they all have different approaches to ‘church’?
  11. What’s more important these days, skill or attitude?
  12. Does the Adventist church matter to society? Not in terms of theology; in terms of presence
  13. Name one of the most valuable lessons you have learnt during your Christian walk when dealing with others.
  14. What do you think Love Looks like?
  15. Can we live a victorious sin free life here on earth? If so, then how are we to be overcomers?
  16. Explain Luke 22:35,36 and apply it to our modern day.

Join us for the conversation, and please comment below!

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