The Final Part of our Audience request Q&A is here! your questions were so good we had to split them into two episodes, so here are the last five of the eight questions all from you. Here are the questions we cover;

1. If the dead in Christ were resurrected straight to heaven as some believe would it create anxiety in heaven? As they watch their children, friends, spouse live?

2. Are we vulnerable to logical fallacies (from outside and inside the church) when we defend ideals that aren’t based on scripture and have cultural or traditional overtones?

3. Why is it so hard for Christians suffering from mental health challenges to ask for help? Nessy

4. In simple terms… if we’re saved by the gospel… is someone once saved, always saved? Can’t seem to wrap my head around this or find a good way to articulate an answer – Pauline Escano

5. If you had a chance to, what advice would you give a 16yr old version of yourself? – Diego Vazquez


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