My name is Brittany, I’m 21, I work in insurance & I am a Seventh-Day Adventist. 

I grew up a non-practicing Catholic, didn’t know much about religion except that I could sing at church and it was all kind of scary. 

I came from a lifestyle of cigarettes, alcohol and multiple partners to where I am today: A baptised Seventh-Day Adventist, who has a full-time job, doesn’t smoke or drink & I have one partner – who changed my entire life. 

To make the story brief, I met my boyfriend Jonathan 3 years ago, we were best friends and he was the one who ministered to me, who taught me about Christ. 

He bought me my first Bible, brought me to church, and today we teach a Sabbath school class together and have a podcast called Realtime Talk. (Check it out if you want!) 

Personally, my passion is with teens, making sure they have a safe and judgment free zone to land those hard, existential and controversial questions. 

Whether they be SDA or not, my passion is ministering to those who may know about the truth but may not understand the beauty in it. 

I am also passionate about guiding people who are trying to minister to others on how to not miss opportunities to bring people who seem unlikely to find Christ to Him. 

Look at myself, had Jonathan not taken the time and effort to continue opening the doors I shut in his face, I would not be where I am today. Sometimes we don’t bother reaching out to those whose lives seem out of reach or too far gone, but God works best through our weakness.

I met Christ quickly and abruptly. It was very unexpected to my family and friends. I changed my entire lifestyle and way of thinking in less than a year. Going through this change was the most amazing blessing that has ever come to me. 

On the other hand, it was also a curse. It was very hard and still is hard, to be taken seriously – people fear I may be in a cult, they don’t understand why the Sabbath is so important to me. 

The most difficult time that I lived through that God has led me through was the first experience I ever had with Him. 

I was in a toxic relationship at a point and time, and when I finally left that environment, I became my own toxin, and was slowly killing myself. 

My relationship with Jonathan was my back bone in every situation & he was the one to always teach me about God. 

The first time I prayed, I remember saying: “Hey dude, if you’re real, I need you to fix this cause this is getting bad.” That prayer was answered (goes to prove that God is always listening!) and I am where I am today, successful, happy, healthy because of God, may all the glory be to him!

A significant story in my life is quite possibly the one I spoke about in the ATT episode about tattoos & piercings! But that’s just a fun fact, in case the Club Moriah pathfinders or my Sabbath school students read this. Those kids are my entire world, if I know one thing for sure it’s that God has called me to minister to those who may be thinking of leaving the church to live a life like I did, and the kids I teach, are my pride and joy. They are smart, they are loved, they are on fire. Some days they are the only reason I keep going. 

I thank God for your ministry through ATT, without yourself and many more amazing SDA podcasts I may not have found this immense amount of faith in my heart!