My name is Dewaynega George, and I am from Guyana, South America, city of Georgetown. I was born at the Oscar Joseph District Hospital in Charity on the Essequibo coast, I’m 24 years old, I grew up in the Dartmouth village on the Essequibo coast. I attended the Dartmouth S.D.A Adventist church. I attended the 8th of May at the primary and secondary school there in the village, and by the grace of God, I started singing at the age of seven years old. My mother’s name is Derris George and her passion for music was admired by all, especially her friends and family; singing she loved it dearly. My Aunt Deslyn always encouraged me to sing in church because of the way I would be singing at home; but I was always shy to face people. As years went by the Church would normally have the thirteen sabbath program, where Evenly Clark would conduct the program; she was our primary division teacher. I was ready to sing that very sabbath as the lord impressed on my heart  the song “Jesus o what a wonderful child.” I walked straight away to the front, I bent my head and my hands and feet were cold. I was so passionate to share from that Sabbath day on, every Sabbath I was looking forward to singing in church. I was baptized at the age of fourteen. Our music teacher in church was Mrs. Hoppie, my church father and mother were Elder Lawrence John and his wife, and I was still growing and still singing. I moved to Regional Competition with School choirs, I was the main tenor in the choir. My music teacher Bro Bentley would practice with me multiple times over and over again, I know in myself it was for my own good as I improved in singing. I started learning to play the piano and the drums which I played every Saturday at the church. I went off to do my computer course at the Essequibo School of Business Education. In 2014 I moved to Georgetown where I started a private medical course then later moved on to Gibson Chambers in late 2015. God was speaking to me at the half night prayer session, It was a Saturday night when this great miracle took place. What a mighty God we serve, Pastor Patterson was saying we need to acknowledge God for who He is, praise Him, then thank Him. Understanding when we all get to Heaven there will be nothing to be thanking God for, we will just be praising Him. While going home one of the Elder’s Wayne O’Neil said the Spirit was working through him also. He looked at me and said, I should start writing my own songs. I couldn’t sleep that night at all, because what the Pastor talked about was on my mind, as the words came, I found myself writing my first song “I PRAISE YOUR NAME LORD”  I was so in shock and so excited.  I have one album and I’m still writing for the kingdom of heaven. I currently serve at Ephesus S.D.A Church as the Music Coordinator and head chorister. God is so good!