My name is Ernie Hernandez and I am the owner of New Creation Media, a company that is dedicated to producing digital media for evangelism, I’m a musician, audio engineer, videographer and photographer, I’m also one part of a full time music ministry, with my wonderfully talented wife Laura Williams 

My passion is quite simply “digital evangelism”

Now that can come in many forms, But more often than not I find myself doing a lot of video based evangelism. This is really been my passion ever since I became a Christian but, you can trace it to my upbringing of being surrounded by technology and just seeing how it has grown since I was born, I don’t think there’s any better way to say it “the world that we live in today is fueled by technology even our social interactions are now digital in some regards.”  And this medium can and is being used for everything, so why not spiritual things, why not Christian based content that glorifies God and reaches others. Why not have media worth consuming whatever it may be; videos, music, photos, painting, art, the list goes on and on, why not have it all center around the creator of the universe?

My story of how I came to Jesus could be a very long one, but I’ll give you the condensed version. Where I really started to see God working in my life was right about the time that I met my soon to be wife. She was working at her brother & sister in-laws pizzeria down in Southern California,  at the time I was currently going to college for audio engineering. I was a functioning pot smoker, and an occasional substance user, but all and in all I was slipping right back into a depression. When I was 15 I went through alot and I struggled with suicidal thoughts, self harm, so much so that it landed me in a psychiatric ward for a 2 week hold. You see my main problem I was struggling with was self identity. I’m an adoptive child, and when you grow up with this disadvantage, it leaves a whole in your heart of feeling like you were never good enough. The reasons why I was adopted were justified, my birth mother at the time was addicted to methamphetamine, but as a child all I could feel was abandonment. It was this childhood trauma that I would carry with me for the rest of my life.

Fast forward that me as a young adult, getting my life back together, after 2 years of basically being homeless, and attending college, at this point I was going through the motions of life, then I met Laura that wonderful day. She introduced me to her music, she invited me to Church, she prayed for me and slowly I started to see the character of God, I got to learn about who is, and who I was to him. It wasn’t until I attend a revelation seminar with the message about the sanctuary that things really started rolling, it was in that message that I found, Jesus is working in my life right now, he’s in the heavenly sanctuary above on my behalf blotting out my sins, he’s that intimately interested in my life, nothing ended at the cross and he was seeking me all the days of my life and I simply didn’t notice it. 

He was there when I was adopted, he had a plan for me. He was there when I was contemplating suicide he stopped me, he was with me when I was homeless, he feed me and made sure I didn’t go with out. He was with me in my impulse of acquiring a degree in a field I had every little interest in. Every hardship and set back in my life I can now see how God was trying to reach me, and it wasn’t until I attended those meetings, until I cleaned my body from those drugs and vices that I could finally actually hear him! 

And when you see the love of God and you know he wants to share that love with you, submitting your life to him is the only rational thing to do, to give back to him that has given us his all. 

One of the more difficult times in my life after I’ve known God was the period in which I didn’t work a job for about a year, I recently moved into my wife’s parents house, right after graduating and right before we decided to get married. And for a solid year I couldn’t find work in this small town, let alone work with in audio engineering, but the Lord had a plan for this and I actually spent that year teaching myself all that there is to know about media. how to properly mix and master recorded music, I taught myself videography I learned about photography, And along the way Laura had friends and mentors within these fields that I can ask questions to, And it was in that year That set the pace for what we do in our ministry today, Without that year being dedicated to learning, We wouldn’t have a media ministry, and I wouldn’t have be able to assist other in their ministry with video and audio work.

So even though I spent that year feeling like a bum feeling like I wasn’t contributing to the household feeling less than a man, I was playing a part in a much bigger plan and all along as I’ve been learning on my journey God is in control.