Story Month: Hi! My name is Johans. I was born in Guatemala, and my folks moved around a bit when I was younger, so I’ve lived in Canada, Texas, Guatemala, California, and most recently Huntsville, Alabama. I am passionate about banana bread. My grandmother always brought me to church, so it is something I was born into; and to be honest sometimes it feels like I knew Jesus better back when I was 8 years old than now. I think like most folk around my teens I wrestled with religion… Maybe not so much with who God is, but who the church tells the downtrodden He is. I have always been in love with Jesus, even when I strayed and felt farthest, I have never felt rejected by Him. I write songs when I am overwhelmed and don’t know exactly what my prayer should be or don’t have the words. I am under a U.S. program called DACA, which gives kids like me, who were brought over as young children but don’t have papers, a sort of protected status. Meaning I am allowed to reside within the country but don’t have access to a lot of the tools and resources citizens have. I have always felt called to follow Jesus into ministry, so 2 years ago I moved to Huntsville, AL to follow Jesus at Oakwood University. Due to financial reasons I am not currently enrolled but I’ll be back, and I’ll keep trying until I finish. I think a lot of us are really focused on goals and milestones, but I’ve learned the value of taking the time to slow down and see Jesus in the journey. He most surely won’t always come as something measurable but if I take the time to think about who I’ve met, how I have been loved and cared for, who I’ve been able to love, and the moments when my world was spinning but Jesus was right there with me holding me tight, it helps me better understand who He is and it helps me love Him in a deeper way. The most important thing I’ve learned is that we get to love Jesus back. It’s not just Him loving us. We can make Him smile. 😊I love Table Talk! My girlfriend Jackie introduced me to the show, and I will admit one of my favorite things is the dorky laughs at the bad Christian dad jokes. I think I am right under the Instagram character limit so.. I’ll say it again: Banana bread.