I am currently a student studying construction. In my life I have done many things from working at summer camps to flying planes to meeting the prime minister. I am blessed to be thrown into all the adventures life has for me, because it gives me a chance to learn new things and meet new people. 

I am passionate about helping others, I know this sounds corny but when I was younger, I had to learn to do a lot of things for myself. It was hard at times but I got through it with the help of some people who I now consider my mentors. With their guidance and wisdom I learned a lot, and realized that I shouldn’t just take what they gave me but I should also look for ways to give back, to guide and teach others. I heard someone say once; be the person you wish you had when you were younger. Over the years, living with this saying in my head, I have been blessed to be put in positions where I can help others and be the person they need in their lives.

I was born into the church, and my parents play some pretty big roles in the church. So from a young age I was being taught about Jesus. This is not to say I understood everything I was being taught, no that didn’t happen until later in life. The older I got the more questions I had and the more I started to see Jesus as my savior and when I felt I knew enough (or as much as one could know) I made my decision to get baptized. After baptism that’s when I learned that this Christian walk wasn’t a joke. Life threw everything at me, but God kept me and continued to show me His grace. In the time where I wondered there was always a small voice guiding back home to safety.

For as long as I could remember I wanted to be an airline pilot. So in 2018 I moved to a new city to start a new life, but five months into this new chapter of my life I got some terrible news telling that my dream was over. I literally cried. After that I had a lot of time to reflect and talk with God. I asked Him what He wanted me to do with my life and He show me 

I learned that my decision to be a pilot was a selfish one and that moving forward I should always consult him. Since then, every step forward I take I know that God is in control and if I ask Him what He needs me to do, I will see a clearer path and better understand what He needs of me.

So three weeks before Christmas (2019) I had no money and I wasn’t working, kinda hard to pay bills in that state right? So the first week I needed some new equipment for school but I didn’t know how I was going to afford it. When I walked into class that day, one of my classmates handed me the piece of equipment I needed, brand new.

Second week: Still with no money, one of my friends e-transferred me some money with a message saying, ‘The Holy Spirit told me that you may be in need of this.’ I used that money on all the outstanding bills I had. 

Third week: last week before Christmas, now we already know I had no money, but God came through a third time. Another one of my friends sent me some money and all he said was; ‘Be blessed.’ 

During those three weeks it really made me see how God was looking out for and how no matter the situation He’s Got my back.

Both these stories are deeper but I didn’t want to bore you with the details

So one of the biggest miracles in my life happened when I was volunteering at a VBS one year. I was helping out in the kitchen and we had run out of spaghetti, and when I say we ran out, we ran out. I even put my head inside the large cooking pot we had and the thing had not one noodle in it. Now I’m trying to find someone who could run to the store and pick up some more spaghetti. While I’m looking for someone for the task, one of the volunteers who was serving the kids came up and asked me why we were not sending more food out, I told her that we had no more food and we have to send someone to buy more. She asked me why we didn’t just go to the pot and get more spaghetti, and I told her there was nothing in the pot. She then proceeded to open the pot and look inside, then she turned around, looked at me and said; “But the pot is full.” I ran over to see what she was talking about and sure enough the pot was full.

It was that miracle that showed me that God is there and He is looking out for us, and even if there’s a problem that we think is too small and we should be able to handle, He’s right there ready to provide.