Leaders impact our lives in so many ways but often we forget that they are human too and can fail just like anyone else. We don’t have to agree with 100% of what they are teaching to learn and grow from them and if they fail, we can continue the ideas that they teach if we follow the message rather than the cult of personality leaders have. Even if they don’t fail sometimes the lives of our leaders are tragically cut short but if we have learnt their message and internalised it, their legacy can continue even after they are gone.

While re-listening and editing this episode, I was thinking about the impact of the movements that both Martin Luther and Martin Luther King Jr were the catalysts for. Luther and the protestant movement brought about religious freedom to believe what our conscious dictates shifting the western world from one of oppression to the freedom renaissance and our modern world. King pushed forward the movement that no matter our skin colour and racial background we are all equal under God and society should reflection that. As Christians we believe that we are all descendants from our first parents Adam and Eve and are the children of God, not one race over another but all equal. Each of these ideas still have sadly not been realised to their fullest. We read in the news of one religion’s followers harming another because they do not believe the same or violence or discrimination towards a person or people because of the way they look. However, I hope as Christians and good members of our societies that we can continue these great legacies to make this world a better place for all, especially for those our societies have left behind.

We not Americans and we recognise that as we are white our experience is different which means we have much to learn to even help in this horrible situation, but we see the injustice and we cannot stay quiet. In next week’s episode we will be looking at the injustice that continues for our brothers and sisters of colour; We see you and we love you

#georgefloyd #blacklivesmatter

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